25 September, 2010

Quraish System Requirements

Quraish (language English & Arab)

Genre: Strategy

uraishŽ is 3D RTS (real time strategy game). It is most likely that the one who
gets it will have the feeling that it sheds light on luminous pages of the Arab and
Islamic history in a new and indirect method.

Quraish attempts to liberate reason in a world of amusement dominated by
instinct. It simply tries to turn amusement into constructive rather than destructive
industry. Unfortunately, most of the makers of amusement in the world incline to
inject increased doses of the elements that kill humanity using a deeply selfish,
violent, sexual, commonplace, racial and material style.

Upon finishing the various levels of Quraish, you will not gain a kiss from a
heroine or use a destructive weapon or a fast car to demolish all that comes your
way. You will not even change history. But rather, you will have a better
comprehension of the concept of time. What is more important still is that such
comprehension is accompanied by an overwhelming pleasure. Such pleasure
might appear to be unfamiliar. You do not need to worry because those feelings
spring from your mind rather than your instinct.

Were Muslims the same as other invaders who crossed the paths of the world?
What gives them distinction over others?
How could they become a part of the human civilization although they were
absolutely illiterate?
How could they hold the different races, cultures and religions while the world
peoples endeavor to eradicate one another?
How could they defeat the greatest two empires in the world and build a state
which we still live in to the present moment?
Were the Muslim generals such as Khalid Ibn al-Walid and Abu ?Ubaidah - the
likes of Napoleon and Alexander aspiring to register their ambitions with letters of
blood and fire?

System Requirements(recommended)
- Pentium4/AMD CPU speed 1.8 MHz+
- Memory: 512 MB+
- VGA memory: 64 MB
- Free 1200MB on the main hard disk
- Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
- DirectX: 9.0C (included with a disc)