28 July, 2010

SnowCat Simulator System Requirements

SnowCat Simulator

Name: Snowcat Simulator
Genres: Simulator
Language: English, German, French, Slovenian
Year: 2010
Developer: UIG Entertainment
Publisher: Actalogic

            The Snowcats simulator is aimed at all players who love
            winter sports while having a real soft spot for heavy
            machinery. Your task in the game it is in fact, all
            prepared in a vast ski slopes so that the tourists on
            skis and snowboards on the right can have their fun. In
            order to succeed, the player must push the snow off the
            slopes and summarize it in one. Where the snow in some
            places not to be drawn up even once the snow cannon to
            artificially make it to snow.
            In the 3D simulation of the player himself takes to the
            snow cat, to process an order after another. Lower plate
            to compress the snow to make skiers happy. The player
            controls the product quite intuitive. By pressing the
            plate can be lowered to glattzuziehen in this way the
            snow. The simulation shows fits to how long the player
            is already dedicated to the tasks at hand and what
            percentage of the distance he has already cleared. At
            the same time can be the middle of the 3D view of the
            steep terrain at any time to view a map of the ski area
            - so that the orientation is not lost in a snowstorm.
            The individual tasks build on each other, while the
            difficulty level is constantly increasing. There is no
            rest. Every day, huge crowds flock to the mountains, to
            plunge to ski to the valley. They expect first-rate
            prepared pistes. Must they wait, they complain and the
            ringing in the cash register operator will be quieter.

Game features:
- High quality landscape;
- Working day and night;
- Multiple tasks to perform;
- Realistic physics;
- High-quality lighting and particle effects;
- Intuitive control with mouse and keyboard.

Genres: Simulation

System requirements:

OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
CPU> 2 GHz
Geforce® 6800 Serie ATI® X1650,
S3 C. 430GT (min. 128 MB VRAM) Shadermodel 3.0
HD: 750 MB