28 August, 2010

Bratz super babyz System Requirements

Bratz super babyz

Bratz Babyz Super Heroz are here to save the day! Aliens have landed on Earth at the

Stylesville Adventure Planet. One of their alien devices, the "Matter Exchanger," fell into

the wrong hands and transformed the Babyz into Super Heroz!
With their newfound Super Powers, the Babyz use their abilities to help the citizens of

Stylesville and battle the evil invading aliens.

Now you can go on exciting adventures with the Bratz Super Babyz! Help Cloe Sasha, Yasmin,

and Jade save the world from the potato aliens! Fly with Super Cloe, race through the city

with Super Yasmin, and so much more. There are twelve different games to choose from, so

the fun never stops!

Operating System: Win XP / VIS
CPU Speed: 1.0GHz (1.4GHz or higher recommended)
Memory: 256MB RAM (512MB or higher recommended)
Video Card: 64MB RAM (128MB or higher recommended)
Sound: 16-bit Sound Blaster Compatible
HD Space: 650MB