14 August, 2010

InteriCAD 7000 System requirements

InteriCAD 7000

InteriCAD7000, the 13th major upgrade of our AutoCAD-based software, is a new range of software

developed on the basis of interior design working procedure. It has been chosen by thousands of

designers from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, UAE, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and

other 80 countries.

Working together with the newly released InteriCAD7000, designers are able to combine the

initial stage of communication & interaction with clients, the middle stage of design

visualization, and the final stage of project presentation & sharing into one organic whole.

This will consequentially ignite the revolution in the interior design industry.

System requirements
Operating system: Microsoft?Windows?XP SP2, Windows Vista?
CPU: Intel?Pentium?4, AMD Athlon or Faster
RAM: 1GB or more
DVDROM: 8 speed or faster
Display adaptor: OpenGL compatible video cards with true color
Monitor: Resolution at least 1,024 x 768 screen resolution
Internet connection: dial-up or broadband Internet access is required for updates and model
Browser: Microsoft?Internet Explorer 6 or later