30 September, 2011

Western Shooter System Requirements

Western Shooter System Requirements

Published by: Kai Fu
Developed by: Kai Fu

His name is Colt. Ernest Colt. Help young adventurer on his way for fame and glory. On his

journey he will encounter hordes of wild animals, gunmen, Indians, and even magical

creatures summoned by their evil shaman.

5 chapters
20 levels
22 types of enemies
6 powerful and dangerous bosses
24 types of weapons
11 types of power-ups
3 difficulty levels

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP
Pentium II or Higher
256 MB RAM
30 MB Hard Disk Space
Sound Card
Keyboard & Mouse
16 Bit Color 64 MB
800 by 600 Pixels Display
CD or DVD ROM Drive,