06 June, 2012

CATWOMAN System Requirements

CATWOMAN System Requirements

Minimum Configuration

Operating System Windows 98SE/2000*/ME/XP* Win 7(tested by me)
Processor 800 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or 100% Compatible
Memory 256 MB
Videocard 64MB GeForce 2 class Direct 3D-compatible video card**
HDD Space 1.5 GB plus additional hard drive space for Windows swap file and saved game files.
CD ROM Speed 8x
Soundcard DirectX 9.0b compatible drivers
DirectX DirectX 9.0b 

* With the most recent Service Pack.

**3D graphics accelerator using the NVIDIA GeForce 2 or higher and the ATI Radeon 7500 or higher.

NB: If you are using a low or minimum specification video card then you will not be able to enjoy the full graphical experience that Catwoman can offer as certain features such as shadows and reflections are lowered or turned off to enhance performance in other areas.